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About Us

Manticore Limited was established over two decades ago. We are an Isle of Man based company which specializes in import/export of cosmetics and household products with our own brands and range of goods.

Manticore Limited owns some well known worldwide brands such as Shelly, Kingsley House, Flower Shop, Professional Touch, Minuet, Sportstar.


Our mission is to provide continuous and solid service for our current and future customers. Also our manufacturing is kept within UK and Europe as we believe this will help us to maintain the quality of the products high and keep us to be in control of the whole manufacturing and distribution process.

Here at Manticore we care about quality and attractiveness of our products, we are also aware that our customers need to find standard as well as luxury and innovative products, at an extremely competitive price, and we believe we can fulfill these requirements.

At Manticore our main purpose and effort of the company is to offer our business partners  and customers not only high quality products for reasonable prices but also subsequent solid and reliable customer service and further necessary support if required.

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